Pressure of Studies during Exams

A large number of students complain that the exams are more of pressure builders rather than modes of testing their knowledge.

Has anyone ever wondered what could be the possible reasons behind such humongous claims?

In general opinion, the race to gain maximum marks and percentage are the root causes for such situations to arise due to the fact that both school & parents want the students to score maximum marks without paying any sort of attention to the understanding.

No Gadget Zone

The very first thing that a parent is expected to do is to take away the gadgets from the kid during the examinations. They believe that the phones, tablets, mp3 players, gaming consoles - are mere things of distraction that would deviate the child from studying.

Is it really necessary? If these were so unimportant, why give them those in the first place?

The more important thing to teach your child is the effective usage of such technological marvels to enhance brain power. When a human brain is downloading excess information during studying hours, the need to rest and recharging is a must, this is where you could introduce such things to your advantage. Think about it.

Study for Long Hours

Another thing that the students are heard to be complaining about it the amount of time devoted to the studies suddenly goes up.

But why?

If the student has been consistent with the studies throughout the semester and has already understood the concepts, there can be a marginal increase in time since more practice would yield better results. However, it’s not a good idea to push them from a 3hr study schedule to an 8hr study schedule in a very short span of time. This may affect them negatively and the zeal of competition would soon be replaced by tension and stress.

In case of weak students, this sharp hike of time wouldn’t do much benefit as they are already weak and this would just add to their misery. Instead, they should’ve been given additional coaching consistently to assist them with difficult topics instead of putting a huge load at one time.

Tensed Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere of the house is tensed, a student from a reputed School mentioned in an interview.

The day suddenly starts off with a brand new schedule, parents want to know everything at once, the whole aura of the house turns impatient – what happened ?

Before the students know, their complete routine changes which they were not prepared for and they are expected to adjust to it within a fraction of seconds. Wouldn’t that be good if the complete atmosphere of the house was kept unchanged but the child was asked to make a study plan with more time to study but alternating period of learning & resting?

There can be alternate methods of dealing with the same situation

Share your Thoughts

Do you have more ways of dealing with the pressure during exams?
Tell us what according to you could be the alternate ways of dealing with such situations.


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