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Jaipur is a city of Maharajas

A sight only relished by those who visit this magical place in person. The city has array of enormous sized buildings which are known as Forts along with lush green gardens. It is said that some of the greatest rulers of the ancient India had spent a great deal of their lives in these Forts. Centuries after their deaths these monolithic structures still remain erected and serving as a sight of pure royalty to its visitors.

Attracts Millions

Every year millions of tourists from across the globe come to Jaipur and cherish the royal architecture. They are dazzled by the carvings and the workmanship of these structures. One has to see it to believe it – they say. The kind of rocks used in those medieval times couldn’t be carried properly and leave alone making buildings with them, but yet, the ancient people of Jaipur and the craftsmen made it possible.

Famous Structures

The most popular of these structures include the Amber Fort (Amber Palace), City Palace and Hawa Mahal (eng- Palace). These forts are dated to have been built in the 16th century by the Maharajas of India and took a great deal of craftsmanship and working hours to make it possible.

They are not only astronomically accurate but also geometrically perfect too.

For Students

Most of the universities teaching architecture as their main subject make it a point for their students to visit Jaipur and how their studies of today were put to practice millennia ago.


To conclude, the only phrase that comes to mind to describe Jaipur is “Marvelous”.


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