Crash Course for Information Practices IP – Class 12

class 12 IP Subjects

Having Doubts in Class 12 Informatics Practices?

Informatics Practices (IP) is a subject that demands a lot of time, practice and very strong concept building. The topics like MySQL, Java NetBeans, HTML require consistent study along with regular solving of worksheets.

Unable to Understand anything in Class?

Not able to write code whenever you try?

Trying to learn the code?

School Teacher not helpful?

Worried about UTs, Term Exams, PreBoards and Boards?


crash courses for cbse itutorgurgaon

crash courses for cbse itutorgurgaon

For the specific needs of students we have come up with Crash Course for Information Practices IP Class 12 to make you guys absolutely clear with your concepts and making learning & coding better and more enjoyable.

Your School teachers and your parent would be proud of you - we can guarantee that

Crash Course for Class 12 - Information Practices

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Objective(s) of this Course

  1. Understanding Logic

  2. How Code Works

  3. Clear Concepts

  4. Build Fundamentals

  5. Train the Brain

  6. Think Coding

  7. Write Coding

Inclusions in this IP Crash Course

  1. Home Tutor

  2. Worksheets for Practice

  3. Extensive Study Material

  4. Special preparation for Exams

  5. Tips to Write Code and score well

Chapters Covered

All your chapters covered with extensive study material, Worksheets for Practice and a series of Tests to train you with most important questions

  • Chapter 1 – Computer Networking

  • Chapter 2 – Open Source Concepts

  • Chapter 3 – GUI Programming – A Review

  • Chapter 4 – Basics for Object Oriented Programming

  • Chapter 5 – Advance Programming Concepts

  • Chapter 6 – Data Connectivity

  • Chapter 7 – Web Applications

  • Chapter 8 – MySQL Revision Tour

  • Chapter 9 – More on Databases and SQL

  • Chapter 10 – Advance RDBMS Concepts

  • Chapter 11 – IT Applications

Benefits of this Crash Course

  • A SINGLE point source for all problems related to your Class 12 Information Practices IP Problems.

  • Home tutor would be provided to you so that you learn and study within the comfort of your own house.

  • 24 x 7 availability of Tutor for a user student.

  • No need for extra books, our study material would constitute everything that you need to crack the concept and score high.


  • Teachers with excellent command over English would ensure perfect balance between learning and growth.

  • Simplified, To The Point – less efforts and higher marks

  • Content provided in crisp, readable form – no handwritten or unreadable blackboards

  • Learning can be done at home.

  • Online access to all course material for ease of access from any location, any device and anytime.


We help you understand your subject(s) and crack the competition easily with high grades.


At the convenience of your home or at our center for more competitive approach.


The tutor would discuss timings with you and prepare the time table accordingly. The leaning timings are never forced.

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We are the best

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