English Writing Course India

Do you want to get better in English Writing ?

Are you struggling to write meaningful stories during exams ?

Is bad Writing Skills hampering your English Scores ?

English marks affecting your overall Scores ?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to write English in a better way.

Special Focus for Class IX, X, XI and XII

About the Course

Getting started with the English Writing Course would enable you in Writing specialization. By introducing you to all kinds of writing while covering your syllabus as well, this course will especially help prepare you write answers for all subjects, but anyone who wants to improve his or her writing skills can benefit from this course.


Objectives of this Course

  • Understand different kinds of Writings
  • Learn how to proceed with each writing style
  • Value points
  • Sequencing the thoughts
  • Parts of Speech

Who can join?
  • School Kids
  • Parents
  • Working Professionals
  • Aspiring Writers
  • Anyone struggling in Writing
  • Whether or not your job involves writing frequently, it is important to enhance the writing skills.
  • A good knowledge and improved writing skills effectively can lead you to get professional success.
  • Understanding tenses
  • Use different kinds of Sentence structures.
  • Learning the use of Connectives.
Why Join ?
Topics Covered
Special Focus

We at iTutorGurgaon have developed this specialized study plan to enhance your English Writing Skills so that you not only benefit in English subject, but in other subjects too – SST, Science, Business Studies, Pol. Science, EP, Psychology etc.


We help you understand your subject(s) and crack the competition easily with high grades.


At the convenience of your home or at our center for more competitive approach.


The tutor would discuss timings with you and prepare the time table accordingly. The leaning timings are never forced.

Do you want to Learn Writing Skills?