Focus on Clear Concepts

The School teachers these days want the students to know everything about everything – this has caused a lot of mental pressure for the students. The easiest way to work your way out is to mug up all the answers and pay zero attention to concept.

Concepts are Very Important !

The best way to learn is to understand – mind you, this is Education, not Training.

We at iTutorGurgaon focus on clear concepts so that they remain with you forever. You are able to answer any questions related to the topic which boosts your confidence sky high.

Having crystal clear concepts means you have thorough knowledge of all the applications of a concept and you have, through practice, learnt the subtlety and acquired the fine fidelity of applying it in actual questions. When you have reached that level of conceptual clarity, you will be instantly able to identify the concepts and the formulae you will require to solve a particular question, in a single glance.

Circus has ‘Well Trained’ animals and not ‘Well Educated’ !

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