Why students are unable to concentrate on their studies?

An enormous amount of Parents are going through the same problem – the child lacks focus, the child is not able to concentrate while studying, gets lost (mentally) when he/she sits for studying.

So what is the reason behind the student’s inability to concentrate on their studies?

Why students are unable to concentrate on their studies

3 key reasons for why students are unable to concentrate on their studies.

1. Hyperactivity

This is not a disorder as it may sound like – all the kids are full of energy and constantly in the exploration mode. This makes it hard for them to focus on activities where some extent of concentration is required.

How to reduce hyperactivity in kids during studies

  • Setup a homework and study station away from distractions like noises, siblings, television etc.
  • Break up study time in smaller sessions – 20min each maybe – with playtime and snacks in between.
  • Stay on schedule and manage the time well as the children get off track easily. Preparing and maintaining a schedule with frequent snack/playtime breaks would do wonders in the studies.
  • Motivate your child with rewards for every small milestone they achieve. This plays a vital role as the word ‘studies’ sound unappealing to children and they often consider it a burden on themselves.

2. Mismatched Learning Style

All the students have different ways of learning. For instance some learn by seeing, some by hearing and other might need a lot of practice before they learn it.

However, the school curriculum if often based on a single line of approach and hence not all the students of the class get the same results.

What can you do as a Parent

  • Observe the child and note how he/she is downloading the information in his/her head. This may take a little while and consume your time as well but this is worth it – Afterall, nothing is more important than our children. Isn’t it?
  • Encourage your child to ask questions while studying. This would maintain a two-way communication with the child and they would not link the study with boredom. The learning and retention are enhanced when coupled with talks, examples as they are able to connect the current topic with the real world outside.
  • Experiment with different learning methods – long duration, smaller duration with breaks in between or read – understand – discuss – proceed ahead
  • Encourage discipline in the student by laying stress on time management and rewarding when the student sticks to his/her time schedule. A simple TV break or an ice-cream break can prove to be the source of motivation for a student and push him/her to finish the task on-time.

Do you want your Child to get better at Studies?

3. No Challenge

Sometimes the reason for losing concentration is the fact that the students don’t feel challenged enough to complete the task.

Children who are not challenged at a high enough level can lose interest in the material and stop paying attention altogether.


How to challenge motivate them for performance

  • Set short-term goals for immediate results. This can help them channelize their energy into achieving something in short term. A full day TV, Ice Cream tomorrow if you do well today, Movie of your choice are some of the short term goals parents can adopt for the student’s best performance.
  • Set long-term goals for consistent performance. An upcoming vacation, getting a new cycle, awards from school, clapping from principal are some of the examples which you can adopt for getting consistent long term results from a student.
  • If your child is unable to understand something, do not rush through. Instead take a pause, discuss the topic and have a small Q&A session about it. This would not only enhance the understanding but would also improve the relationship bond between you and your student.
  • Don’t push if the child if he/she is casually not in the mood. Take a milk & snack break for few mins, pick up a completely different topic of discussion during the break and then come to the topic of study. You would be surprised to observe the sudden focus and concentration on the studies.


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