IX, X, XI, XII Tuitions

Tuitions for Class IX to XII

This is where the major portion of students need assistance. The students suddenly feel burdened with a lot of subjects and increases pressure of Parents to score higher marks.

Is your Child in Class IX, X, XI or XII and looking for the best coaching/guidance ?

Class IX Tuitions


Coaching classes for Class IX students available for all subjects.

Special Classes for

  • Science
  • Maths
  • SST
  • English
  • FIT
Class X Tuitions
Class XI Tuitions
Class XII Tuitions

Why Tuition for IX, X, XI and XII?

These are very crucial classes for a Student's career especially X and XII. Besides, there is a complete change in the way subjects are taught in schools and a large number of students face problems in coping up with the changed study pattern.


  1. Conceptual Learning
  2. Focused Approach
  3. Custom modules for each Child
  4. Competitive Environment
  5. Higher Grade

Additional Skills

Are marks the only criteria to judge a student ?
NO, absolutely not !

Develop overall skills

  1. Cope with Exam fear
  2. Time Management
  3. Focus
  4. Build strong fundamentals
  5. Intelligent studies
  6. Practice and more practice
  7. Presentation Skills
  8. Smart Skills
    and much more


At the End of everything – the results do matter.

We prepare your child to cope up with all kinds of examinations and fears related to exams – he/she would never be the same again


We help you understand your subject(s) and crack the competition easily with high grades.


At the convenience of your home or at our center for more competitive approach.


The tutor would discuss timings with you and prepare the time table accordingly. The leaning timings are never forced.

Do you want your Child to get better at Studies?